I also do logo design and corporate design. I’ve done a bunch the past few years for my customers, me and the agencies I’ve worked in or with.

App Illustration

Pomodoro Time Tracking App

I made these little illustrations for the explanation screens of the “Pomodoro Method” when you start the app. They are done in Pro Create on the iPad and show the time when you work and when you do a break. You can check the full case study of the app on the website of Filip.

Witch Casket

Print of the January Casket (2019)

Witch Casket is a family run monthly subscription  service, started by Deb and Ella, dedicated to bringing a little magick into the lives of others! They already have subscribers in over 30 countries and each monthly Witch Casket is carefully curated and packaged with love and care. So I was very excited to be part of the January Casket with my moon kitten print.



Physiotherapy Wall

In May 2018 ARDA (Dominic G., from Germany) and I created a concept for the local physiotherapist Rosenau. A great wall in a treatment room and a smaller wall in the corridor. The concept was basically harmony, relaxation and health, that’s the reason why we used the color green as a contrast to the warm gray tones.



Wood book (Jungholz Design)

I’m excited about the first woodbook with a laser cut motive Jungholz Design made in cooperation with me. The details of the flower motive are awesome and the bamboo woodbook with different motives is now exclusively available in their online shop. Even the local press wrote an article about these creative guys mentioning our work.

Typography Poster

Good Typography is invisible. Bad Typography is everywhere.

In 2016 I’ve designed and printed a few of these individual and minimalistic type posters with the first letter of names of different persons, including mine letter “L”. I used a clear sans serif font and different photos from Unsplash, a very nice stock photo website, to create them as unique as the persons for who I’ve made the posters.



I also do logo design and corporate design. I’ve done a bunch the past few years for my customers, me and the agencies I’ve worked in or with.

Same space different face

Streetart w/ Slider via CROMATICS

In Oktober 2017 I had the chance, via the agency CROMATICS, to do a wall together with Slider (Sebastian Girbig) with the slogan „Same space – different face“. Before we started there was a huge advertise mural of a local beer company. In a whole weekend we created this graffiti at the Bautzner Street in Dresden. Even the local press wrote an article about that project.

Ueberkreuz Magazine

October and November 2017 issue

The local “Groovestation” and “Scheune” event magazine Ueberkreuz from Dresden (Germany) always supports artists and published my astronaut girl in their october issue, my oceans piece in their november issue of 2017 and my sleepwalking drawing in the january issue of 2018. You can read a full article about me, my work and future plans in the april issue. You can find these little magazines in nearly every café, shop or event location in Dresden-Neustadt.

Frank Hartmann

Album Cover (Verspielt)

Hartmann is a musician and Rapper from Dresden. He asked me to draw his Album Cover „Verspielt“ (available soon) in my typical black and white style, which is showing himself as a little hand puppet.

Jonas Jäschke

Postcard Giveaway

Jonas is a super talented photographer with his own stunning style. One day he wrote me a message if I could draw a gift-card for him, which he can send to his customers with his prints, to show his thankfulness. The front side shows a shaking pair of hands. When you turn the card you can find the message „I just wanna make you smile“.

Personal Projects

I’ve done my complete re-branding in 2019.

I released a 12 months wall calendar for 2017, 2018 and 2019 with a lot of my blackwork drawings. The limited calendar was printed local, is wirebounded and each copy is numbered and hand signed.

Matthew Heller

Album Cover (Temple Moon Desire)

Matthew Heller is a singer/ songwriter from the US. He dedicated his second album „Temple Moon Desire“ to his best friend who’s passed away in the war. The cover shows holding hands, in the background bombs. Heller has a strong connection to nature and wanted to show this on the cover too.